Map of Bethune Tract circa 1835
Town of Morehouse

Many thanks to Elaine Scantlebury for contributing this map!

Although this map provides details of the Bethune Tract which was surveyed by Steven Ayres in 1819, the tract itself was not settled until 1832.  In addition, the map below was obviously created sometime after 1880 as a few later residents are shown on it including two families, "Winderig and Frank", who first show up in the town on the 1900 census.  It's possible that this map was created by Ted Aber, a previous Hamilton County Historian who performed a great deal of research on early residents and history of all the towns in the county, including specific research on Bethuneville and co-authored the first extensive history on the county in 1965 entitled "The History of Hamilton County".  However, the map is undated and the author is not known.  Hopefully, this map will help some of you in your research!


Name listed on Map
See lot #
(on map above)
Additional Info
Ayres, Stephen top of page surveyor
*Becker, William 13  
Boh, Martin 19 A later resident.
Brown, Bela bottom of page constable
*Bushnell, David 19, bottom of page justice of the peace
*Cummings, John 8, 15  
*Dow, Joseph 8  
*Down, John 6  Also seen his name as John Downs
Frank 19 A later resident.  Possibly Christian Frank,who is listed with Boniface Winderlick as a step son in the 1900 census and the first of this name to show up in census records
*Holenbeck, Cornelius 8  
*Hurrell, Zechovia 14  Also seen his name as Zachariah Hurrell
*Kinsom, Merrian M. 3 Also seen his name as Merriam M. Ransom.
*Quimby, Anson 2  
*Rickert, Elias 7  
Russ, Dan 19 A later resident.
*Tifft, Alanson 1  
*Tucker, Dennis 18  
*Tucker, Henry 10, 11 and 20 Also seen his name as Henry Tucker, jr.
*Weaver, John 5  
Winderig 19 A later resident. Probably Boniface Winderlick who is listed in the 1900 census and the first of this name to show up in census records

* These names along with the name of John Pindar are listed as having purchased land from Andrew K. Morehouse and his then partners, Harvey Combs and Jonathan G. Tifft, in the fall of 1832 in the "History of Hamilton County," by Ted Aber and Stella King, Great Wilderness Books, 1965, pg 43.  The Chapter "Period of Growth", pages 42-6 within this work, delves into the details of the settlement of the town of Morehouse and the activities of Andrew K. Morehouse who had such a large influence in this county.

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