Log Markers of Hamilton County, NY

Source:  The following information was found in a folder  in the County Clerks Office of Hamilton County, New York

Nellie W. Fairfield engaged in lumber business at Long Lake, New York. Using the brand horseshoe.
Dated March 12,1902
Filed April 29,1902

William D. Moshier engaged in lumber business in Inlet, New York. Using the following brand, log mark or sign:  arrow.
Dated Utica, NY  November 13,1900
Filed November 17,1900

Letter to County Clerk: 
We hereby certify that the single P log mark is our private mark for all logs on Racquette River and tributaries.  P. Moynehan and Comp.
June 8,1908  Out of Sabattis, Hamilton County, New York
Filed June 11,1908

Finch, Pruyn, and Comp. Inc.  Glens Falls New York
Dated December 27,1924
A mark of a dot or daub of yellow paint with a brush to put on log.
Signed G E N Ostrander  Manager Woodlands Dept.
Filed December 30,1924

Finch, Pruyn, and Comp. Glens Falls New York
Identificationmarks red dot, green dot, yellow dot to mark logs on Hudson River. Painted on the following years:
1946-1947 green paint
1946-1948 red paint
E. S. White  Cashier
Filed June 10, 1947


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