Hamilton County
Land Purchases, Patents and Tracts

Some basic info on some of the Purchases, Patents and Tracts within Hamilton County.

Some background:  A patent or purchase is the term used when the land was given or purchased by one individual or group.  These purchases may have been subdivided into towns, which were either numbered or named or both. Each town was then further divided into lots, which were numbered.  These towns usually have little or no relation to the townships of today.  A tract is a term for land that was subdivided and sold in pieces to various individuals.

Measuring terms for deeds, etc.:

rod = 5.5 yards
chain = 4 rods or 66 feet
furlong = 10 chains, 40 rods or 660 feet  [660 feet squared is 10 acres]


Purchase, Patent or Tract nameapprox.
acres in
other Patents or Tracts listed
being within this one.
Amherst Patent20-Lake Pleasant
Arthurboro Patent47Bethune Tract
Maxwell Tract
Tefft Tract
Morehouse 8,000 Acre Tract
Benson Tract62-Arietta (small part)
Bergen's Purchase20-Hope
John Brown's Tract?-Inlet
Herkimer county
Lawrence Tract135-Arietta
Moose River Tract207-Arietta
Herkimer county
Oxbow Tract70-Arietta
Lake Pleasant
Palmer's Purchase135Glen and Yates Patent
Livingston Patent
Lefferts Tract
Saratoga county
Warren county
Totten and Crossfield Purchase1150Amherst Patent
Balfour's Patent
Bishop's Patent
Campbell's Patent
Essex county
Hamilton county
Herkimer county
Warren county
Vrooman's Patent14-Morehouse


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