History of Inlet

The Formation of the Town of Inlet

written by Lisa Slaski
County Coordinator
Hamilton County, NYGenWeb

The area now comprising the town of Inlet was originally part of the town of Morehouse. The local terrain of this area of the county, made it very difficult in these early years to travel from the Inlet area to Morehouseville, the town seat of the town of Morehouse. Thus, carrying out official town functions were sometimes hard to do (such as election polls)! When the Inlet residents suggested a formation of a seperate town, it was considered a welcome relief to the town of Morehouse officials who supported the action! Inlet was formed from the northern part of the town of Morehouse in 1901 and had it's first town meeting in January of 1902. (condensed from "History of Hamilton County," by Ted Aber and Stella King, Great Wilderness Books, 1965) - Lisa Slaski


INLET:  A Concise History

written by Marcia Buffett
Contributing Editor
Hamilton County, NYGenWeb

The village of Inlet, deriving its name from the fact that it is located at the inlet of Fourth Lake, was included the Brown Tract established in the late 1700ís.  Among the first settlers were the owners of vast summer home estates who were drawn to the prestine beauty of the wilderness area.  Lumbermen and sportsmen utilized the huge forests and streams that are prevalent, occupations that later became the backbone of its economy.  Though it was a small village and not incorporated until about 1901, it hosted the Hamilton County Newspaper which was published there and embraced a growing tourist industry.  At that juncture, the quaint New England town boasted splended inns, schools and churches.
Fourth Lake, part of the Fulton Chain of Lakes, obtained itís growth spurt due to roads and later a railroad system which brought people to the area.  However, the areas earliest settlers were the foundation for its politics and religious institutions which are still present today.


"History of Hamilton County," by Ted Aber and Stella King, Great Wilderness Books, 1965


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