1906 Summer Outings
Sacandaga Valley

Source: "1906 Summer Outings Sacandaga Valley; The Pleasure and Benefits of a Few Weeks of Leisure Spent Among the Beautiful Resorts of the Adirondacks," Published by Passenger Department, Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad

Sacandaga Park

The Beautiful Sacandaga Valley
"Central Gateway to the Adirondacks"

VERYONE is looking for something new, novel and delightful. The great question at this season of the year is "Where to go this Summer?" The object of this booklet is to present to the pleasure seeking public, a section of the wonderful Adirondack Mountains which has all the charm of the better known resorts, yet possessing a beauty and freshness unequaled.

The Beautiful Sacandaga Valley defies description. Winding as it does through the heart of the central range of the Adirondacks, following the course of the Sacandaga River to its source, Lakes Pleasant and Piseco, it gives to the traveler a panorama of scenic beauty which challenges the world.

The Sacandaga Valley, in its richness, can boast of a hundred lakes, prominent of which are Lake Pleasant, Lake Piseco, Sacandaga Lake, Ox Bow Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Lewey Lake, Indian Lake, Spruce Lake, Mud Lake, and numberless others. The region is rich with well stocked trout streams, while the hunter will find game in abundance within the confines of its great forests.

The stage ride is one of the most delightful features of the trip to any of the Sacandaga Valley resorts. The scenery is grand from start to finish, and the road a fine one, along the wooded shores of the Sacandaga to the quaint little village of Wells, and along Stony Brook, a typical trout stream, for three miles to Charley Lake, thence to Sand Lake. The road then leads through a mountain gourge to the foot of Lake Pleasant. From this point the road follows this beautiful lake for three miles, winding among the mountain peaks and in view of many lakes to picturesque Lake Piseco.

This territory is very unique, from the fact that it provides rest and comfort for the weary, pleasure and entertainment for those desiring this, and is at the same time a "Hunter's Paradise," the season being a long one - from May to November. The Summer Resort Hotels are located in the heart of the hunting regions, and the grand old forests in their natural wild state, so close at hand, afford excellent camping grounds for those who wish to camp out. Bear, Deer, Rabbitt, Partridge, Duck and Woodcock are to be found in abundance by the hunter; while the fisherman has Land-locked Salmon, Lake or Salmon Trout, and Brook or Brown Trout to choose from.

Sacandaga Park
At the Entrance of the Sacandaga Valley

EAUTIFULLY situated on the banks of the Sacandaga River, the traveler will find "The Gem Resort of the North," Sacandaga Park. Charmingly located as it is, with a frontage of over a mile on the river, and because of its elevated location among the fragrant pines and balsams, its pure water supply and perfect drainage, it is an eminently attractive and healthful summer resort, whose summer population reaches 2,000, drawing from all parts of the country.

Mr. E. W. Prouty's famous Band and Orchestra, of Boston, Mass., provides music throughout the season. A first-class, well cared for, Golf Course, Billiard Hall, Bowling Alleys, Tennis, Croquet, beautiful Walks and Drives, Boating and Bathing, together with Hunting and Fishing, afford abundant opportunities for out-door recreation.

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But a short distance from the railroad station is The Adirondack Inn, one of the finest summer resort hotels in America, accommodating 250 guests. The halls and rooms are provided with steam heat, and the hotel grounds lighted by electricity, presenting at night a picture of a veritable "Fairy Garden." Guests may secure rooms single or en suite, with or without a private bath. The house is tastefully decorated and richly furnished, and the conveniences of the telegraph, the telephone, and a prompt postal service are among the privileges enjoyed by its guests. Balls, House Parties, Automobiling and Coaching go to make up a part of the pleasures at this up-to-date hostelry. The roads along the Mohawk Valley, passing through Schenectady, Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversville, enroute the Sacandaga Valley, are particularly good for automobiling.

The Adirondack Inn is ably managed by Mr. C. O. Chamberlin, to whom applications for rates and rooms should be addressed.

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ANOTHER of the well conducted hotels at Sacandaga Park is "The Pines," which accommodates 100 guests. This hotel is located in a grove of fragrant pines by the river side. The grounds about the house are lighted by electricity at night and covered by a thick carpet of pine needles, giving the air a sweet fragrance. This house is managed by Mr. R. P. Cornell, to whom applications for rates and rooms should be addressed.

SACANDAGA PARK, in addition to its well conducted hotels, offers to its summer visitors the privilege of building their own cottage, giving them the choice of sites in a section of the Park which has been carefully laid out and cultivated by expert Landscape Architects. For those not wishing to build but desiring to enjoy cottage life, fully furnished cottages of different sizes may be rented for the season on application to the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad.

The Village of Northville

ABOUT a mile distant from the Park and near the opposite shore of the Sacandaga River, is the pretty little village of Northville. The village is beautifully located and well laid out. The streets are wide and shady, and the whole possesses a rural charm that would indeed be difficult to describe. The drive to and from the Park, along the river front is very delightful. Many historic Indian camps and trails can be easily reached from this point.

Northville is very fortunate in having three first-class, up-to-date hotels, which are, The Winney House, capacity 40, managed by Kathan & Wilbur; The Anibal House, capacity 40, managed by L. R. Anibal; and The Lyon House, capacity 40, managed by T. A. Lyon. All these houses have become famous throughout the country for their good table and hotel conveniences. Liveries are connected with each house.

The Village of Wells, N.Y.

PICTURESQUELY located on the banks of the winding Sacandaga River, fifteen miles beyond Northville and half-way to Lake Pleasant, is the village of Wells, N.Y., an ideal mountain hamlet, hemmed in on all sides by the statuesque Adirondacks.

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The Hosley House, owned and managed by Mr. George Hosley, is a well conducted hotel at which travelers stop for meals and a change of horses enroute the lakes. This house has a capacity of 40 guests and one will find rest, health and pleasure at this gem in the mountain fastness. Good Hunting, Fishing, Etc.

Lake Pleasant Region

Few of the Adirondack Lakes are more appropriately named than Lake Pleasant, for here, if anywhere in the Great Northern Park, pleasure can be found. The Lake is located in the center of the fish and game preserve of the Adirondacks, and a large number of other lakes and trout streams are in the immediate vicinity. The elevation of Lake Pleasant is 1,940 feet above the sea level, insuring an invigorating atmosphere and a salubrious climate. The charming scenery, delightful drives and climbs, together with the pleasures of the Lake itself, all combine to make Lake Pleasant an ideal spot for those in search of recreation, rest and pleasure.

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Osborne Inn on Lake Pleasant

Located on the shore at the foot of Lake Pleasant, we first come upon the large, new and handsomely equipped Osborne Inn, accommodating 80 guests and open the year 'round. It has all the modern conveniences. This house in its entirety is of spotless white, giving it an air of cleanliness and freshness which is rigidly lived up to in its management. The rooms are large - no back rooms - all front ones, single or en suite. Large, old-fashioned open fire-places. Baths and toilets on each floor, and latest sanitary plumbing. Table beyond criticism. Daily mails and telegraph office. Boating, White Sand Beach Bathing, Fishing and Hunting are prominent attractions. During July and August a fine orchestra will be at Osborne Inn for concerts and dancing.

This elegant summer resort hotel is very ably managed by Mrs. William Osborne, who will furnish rates and booklet upon application. Post-office address: Speculator, Hamilton County, N.Y.

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Sturges House on Lake Pleasant

On a broad plateau overlooking Lake Pleasant, is the Sturges House, a summer hotel that combines all the attractions and advantages that one seeks for the vacation season. The hotel has recently been thoroughly renovated and refurnished under the new management. The main building, with its broad verandas and balconies on every floor, is delightfully homelike, and with the attractive new Annex directly opposite can comfortably accommodate 100 guests, the accommodations being in every way the best. The management has secured the services of an excellent chef, and every attention will be given the table. A large vegetable farm and a fine dairy are conducted in connection with the hotel. A fine mountain spring supplies pure fresh water.

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The amusements at this well conducted hotel are Boating, Bathing, Tennis, Croquet, etc., and a first-class Livery connected with the house provides means for driving about the surrounding country.

The famous hostelry, which boasts of guests who have visited it for thirty years, is now managed by Mr. Lee L. Fountain.

Upon application, rates and booklet will be furnished. Guests so desiring will be met at Northville with two or three seated carriages. Post-office address: Speculator, Hamilton County, N.Y.

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Lake Pleasant House

Another of the well known hotels at Lake Pleasant, is the Lake Pleasant House, situated at the foot of the lake. This hotel comfortably takes care of 75 guests and is open the year 'round. Guides are furnished for shooting and fishing parties. Mr. E. S. Morrison is managing the house this season and it will be his endeavor to see that his guests have all the necessary comforts and feel "at home" during their stay.

All the amusements which are enjoyed by the various hotels at Lake Pleasant are also indulged in by the guests of this house.

Address Mr. E. S. Morrison, Post-office, Speculator, Hamilton County, N.Y., for booklet, rates, etc.

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Speculator House

A short distance beyond the last two named houses, yet on the Lake border, nestles the Speculator House, accommodating 25 guests, owned and managed by Mr. Frank lawrence. Mr. Lawrence is well known by everyone who has ever traveled through this territory, and a visit to this popular hostelry is made by all.

Address Mr. Frank Lawrence, Post-office, Speculator, Hamilton County, N.Y., for rates and other information.


At the head of Lake Pleasant and facing Sacandaga Lake is the little hamlet of Lake Pleasant, in the midst of the fish and game preserve of the Adirondacks. The hotels are situated on a knoll, with a gradual rise of 60 feet above the lakes, and 2,00 feet above the sea level, with an uninterrupted view over mountains and lakes for twenty-five or thirty miles in almost every direction.

At this point will be found one of the finest summer resort hotels in the Adirondacks, which in conjunction with the Inn, accommodates 250 guests. The large hotel opens June 1st and is run without a bar, while the side-board of the Inn is stocked with the finest brands of wines, liquors and cigars.

Mr. J. D. Morley the popular and well known Proprietor, as well as Mr. G. Arrighi, Manager, who have had many years experience in the hotel business, aim to make the stay of their patrons one which will be enjoyed. Boating, Bathing, Fishing, Hunting, Tennis, Dancing, Etc., go to provide pleasure and recreation. The drives to the many Lakes in this region are fine, the country roads being the best. Good and trusty guides, dogs and all the necessaries for hunting and fishing can be supplied.

Particular attention is given the table, which is first-class in every respect. Game and fish in season, butter, eggs, milk and vegetables from hotel farm. Water of the purest.

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Daily mail and telegraph communication keeps one in touch with outside happenings.

Morley's, to be brief, can offer to its patrons, a good up-to-date hotel with open fire-places and modern conveniences, such as sanitary plumbing, baths, gas light, good beds and good fare; and overlooking two of the most picturesque Lakes in the region; together with tennis court, bowling alley, pool room, orchestra, house physician in attendance; good livery of boats and horses; good service, and good bathing on a fine white sand beach on Sacandaga Lake.

Address Mr. J. D. Morley, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County, N.Y., for booklet, rates, etc.

Dunham Cottage

On the opposite shore of Lake Pleasant, from Morley's, is the Dunham Cottage managed by Mrs. Chas. H. Dennie, which opens June fifteenth, and accommodates 30 guests. This house is peacefully situated and its patrons are assured rest and enjoyment. Hunting, Fishing, Etc., may be had almost from its very doors. Address Mrs. Chas. H. Dennie, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County, N.Y., for rates, etc.

Lily Lake House

This house, which is located on the main road between Lakes Pleasant and Piseco, last year burned to the ground, but is now being rebuilt and will be handsomer than ever - accommodating 100 guests. There is a private lake on the hotel grounds for use of patrons. Good Fishing, Boating, Etc. are enjoyed. Elevation 2,000 feet. Address Mrs. David Aird, Proprietor, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County, N.Y., for rates, etc.

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Fish Mountain House

Fish Mountain, in the Adirondacks, is 3,000 feet high. From its summit can be seen fifteen lakes. At its base is located the Fish Mountain House, a large, spacious house, with broad piazzas extending on three sides, affording delightful promenades. The rooms are large, airy and well furnished. The table is unexcelled, milk, eggs, vegetables, etc., from own farm.

From the veranda of this house, and within a stone's throw, can be seen beautiful Sacandaga Lake, with Lake Pleasant but a mile away. The grandeur of the scenery hereabouts should be mentioned. There is always a breeze blowing over pine, spruce and balsam, laden with their fragrance, making the air conducive to good health and long life.

Address George B. Wright, Proprietor, for booklet, rates, etc.

Abrams' Cottage Piseco Lake

At the head of Lake Piseco, with a commanding view of the lake and surrounding country, is Abrams' Cottage, with the well known guide, Floyd W. Abrams as Proprietor. The house accommodates 20 guests and is on the direct trail to Spruce Lake, having a Camp at T Lake. Guides, supplies, etc. furnished for hunting and fishing trips on application. For rates, etc., address Mr. F. W. Abrams, Piseco, Hamilton County, N.Y.

Irondequoit Inn

This house is located on a rise of ground 60 feet above Lake Piseco, on the shore, giving a grand view of the country for miles around. The appointments of the house are good and its capacity 60 guests. The elevation at this point is 2,000 feet above sea level. Boating, Bathing, Fishing, Driving, Etc., form a part of the enjoyments of the place. For rates, etc., address, Mr. J. D. Beaham, Manager, Piseco, Hamilton County, N.Y.

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How to Get There

This region is easy of access from all parts of the country.

Special Excursion Rates to Sacandaga Park:
From New York and Return, via. Peoples Line
   to Albany, N.Y.C.&H.R. to Fonda,
   thence F.J.&G.R.R. $5.76
From New York and Return, via N.Y.C.&H.R.
   to Fonda, thence, F.J.&G.R.R. $8.30

Special Excursion Rates to Lake Pleasant Region:
From New York and Return, via. Peoples Line
   to Albany, N.Y.C.&H.R. to Fonda,
   F.J.&G.R.R. to Northville, thence, G. E.
   Van Arnam Stage Line to Wells, Speculator
   or Lake Pleasant $10.26
From New York and Return, via N.Y.C.&H.R.
   to Fonda, F.J.&G.R.R. to Northville,
   thence, G. E. Van Arnam Stage Line to Wells,
   Speculator or Lake Pleasant $13.00

These tickets are good returning up to October 31st, and allow the free carriage of baggage through to points mentioned without charge.

Baggage destined to Lake Pleasant, where more than one piece is carried per passenger, there is a charge from Northville, over the G. E. Van Arnam Stage Line, of 50 cents for each additional 150 pounds over the first 150 covered by one ticket.

Parties desiring to be driven from Northville to their destination by private conveyance, may do so by addressing Geo. E. Van Arnam, Proprietor Stage Line, Northville, N.Y. Mr. Van Arnam can provide rigs for all size parties, furnishing good horses and reliable drivers.

Additional Information

For any information not given in this booklet, regarding houses or territory mentioned, address:

Passenger Department, F., J. & G. R. R., Gloversville, N.Y.


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