Hamilton County Guides

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1874- The Adirondacks Illustrated, S. R. Stoddard
1876- Descriptive Guide to the Adirondacks, E. R. Wallace
1881- The Adirondacks Illustrated, S. R. Stoddard
1893- New York State Forest Commission Report
1895- The Adirondacks Illustrated, S. R. Stoddard

Austin, FerrandLong Lake1881
Austin, HenryLong Lake1893
Austin, SamLong Lake1895
Bartley, JamesBlue Mt.1881
Bates, WesleyBlue Mt.1893
Bennett, CharlesBlue Mt.1881
Bennett, RichardBlue Mt.1881
Bennett, EdBlue Mt.1881
Bently, GeorgeBlue Mt.1893
Betts, OtisLong Lake1893
Beyere, J. O.Raquette Lake1893
Bird, DeforestBlue Mt.1893
Bird, EdwardBlue Mt.1893
Bird, F. J.Blue Mt.1895
Blanchard, CharlesBlue Mt.1881
Blanchard, CharlieLong Lake1874
Boyden, OrelloLong Lake1881
Burnham, MelvinLong Lake1895
Camp, ElijahIndian Lake1881
Cary, GeorgeLong Lake1874
Cary, NelsonLong Lake1874
Cary, ReubenLong Lake1874
Cole, AlbaLong Lake1881
Cole, CharlesLong Lake1895
Cole, ClaytonLong Lake1893
Cole, SimeonLong Lake1874
Cole, William W.Long Lake1895
Cole, WarrenLong Lake1881
Cornell, WilliamRaquette Lake1893
Crogan, JohnRaquette Lake1893
Danmark, E. J.Blue Mt.1895
Dunning, AlvaBlue Mt.1881
Emerson, B. F.Long Lake1874
Emerson, WallaceLong Lake1893
Flora, MichaelBlue Mt.1893
Fuller, DuaneBlue Mt.1893
Fuller, GeorgeBlue Mt.1895
Guillies, WilliamLong Lake1893
Hall, HerbertLong Lake1874
Hall, LysanderLong Lake1874
Hall, RowlandLong Lake1881
Hammond, A. M.Blue Mt.1893
Hamner, C. B.Long Lake1874
Hartson, RobertLong Lake1881
Helms, JohnLong Lake1881
Helms, WilliamLong Lake1874
Higgins, JohnBlue Mt.1881
Hough, C. D. Long Lake1874
Howard, ReubenLong Lake1874
Jenkins, GeorgeRaquette Lake1895
Jennings, W. D.Long Lake1874
Jones, FreelandRaquette Lake1895
Jones, JohnRaquette Lake1893
Kathan, A. LinnBlue Mt.1895
Kathan, SchuylerBlue Mt.1893
Kellar, JohnLong Lake1895
Kellar, C. R.Long Lake1874
Kellar, DavidLong Lake1874
Kelley, DanielBlue Mt.1893
Kelley, WilliamBlue Mt.1893
LaPrairie, AlexRaquette Lake1881
LaPrairie, Francis "Doc"Raquette Lake1881
LaPell, JohnLong Lake1895
LaPell, Oren B.Long Lake1895
Laymas, JustinLong Lake1881
Martin, CalRaquette Lake1895
McGuire, MichaelBlue Mt.1895
McLaughlin, J. B.Blue Mt.1893
Merwin, B. F.Blue Mt.1893
Merwin, R. L.Blue Mt.1895
Merwin, RalphBlue Mt.1893
Miller, JohnBlue Mt.1891
Mitchell, CharlesBlue Mt.1891
Mitchell, JosephIndian Lake1881
Mix, AlonzoLong Lake1874
Mix, DavidLong Lake1874
Mix, WilliamLong Lake1895
Osgood, EugeneIndian Lake1881
Osgood, LeviIndian Lake1881
Parker, AlvinIndian Lake1881
Pierce, CliffordBlue Mt.1881
Pierce, E. C.Raquette Lake1895
Pierce, SethBlue Mt.1881
Pierce, Seth Jr.Raquette Lake1893
Plumbley, John E.Long Lake1874
Plumley, FrankLong Lake1881
Plumley, HandyLong Lake1893
Plumley, J. D.Long Lake1893
Plumley, JeremiahLong Lake1874
Plumley, Jerry D.Long Lake1895
Plumley, John E.Long Lake1881
Plumley, John E.Long Lake1893
Plumley, RileyLong Lake1893
Plumley, WallaceLong Lake1881
Ray, NathanielIndian Lake1881
Rice, JohnLong Lake1874
Richards, John J.Raquette Lake1893
Ricketson, JohnLong Lake1895
Robinson, AmosLong Lake1874
Robinson, B. C.Long Lake1895
Robinson, BoydenLong Lake1881
Robinson, Charles C.Long Lake1895
Robinson, Isaac. B.Long Lake1874
Robinson, JohnLong Lake1874
Sabattis, CharlesLong Lake1874
Sabattis, HarryLong Lake1893
Sabattis, IsaacLong Lake1874
Sabattis, MitchellLong Lake1874
Shaw, PhilanderIndian Lake1881
Seldon, ArthurRaquette Lake1893
Sims, AndrewBlue Mt.1881
Smith, P. D.Blue Mt.1893
Taylor, HenryRaquette Lake1893
Whitney, JosephBlue Mt.1881
Wood, JeromeRaquette Lake1874


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