The Minerva Shooting

22 June 1884

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Essex County Republican, 3 July 1884

Indian Lake

Robert Lindsey, a desperate character living about mid-way between this place and North River, was fatally shot by Charles Bell on Sunday last. Lindsey died Monday night. It is stated that Bell was acting in self-defense. We have not been able to learn full particulars.

Essex County Republican, 10 July 1884

The prisoner Acquitted by the Coroner's Jury

Charles Bell, who, on the night of Jun 22d, shot Robert Lindsay, was arrested by deputy sheriff Talbot. The wounded man lived about 24 hours. The tragedy occurred in the town of Minerva, about 12 miles from North Creek, upon the Blue Mountain Lake road, at the house of Bell's father. An inquest was held, and after hearing the evidence, the prisoner was discharged upon the ground of self-defense.

We published an account of the shooting on the 27th ult., but given _____ summary of the statement of Bell, wh_________lated in a frank manner:

Charles and a ____________ had been fishing but returned _________town; found Lindsay___________________ of liquor about _________ sick. He had _________________ and was saying he would murder the whole family. Lindsay inquired where Charley was, and upon his stepping to the door and answering "Here I am," Lindsay replied, "You are just the man I want; I want to kill you," and made for him. Bell managed to get the shotgun and ran from the house, the deceased following and striking at him, and repeating his threats. Bell told him not to come one foot towards him or he might hurt him. He aimed another blow at Bell who then drew up the gun and fired, the charge hitting him in the abdomen. After the shot Lindsay came for him again when Bell struck him with the muzzle of the gun, the blow knocking him down, where he lay about fifteen minutes. He was then taken up and carried into the house and laid upon a bed, and at the wounded man's request, Bell went for his wife who is a sister of Bell. At daybreak the next morning, he went to North Creek, about twelve miles, for a doctor, but he could do nothing for him. Deceased was ugly when intoxicated. Bell was 27 years old last March, unmarried and lies at home.

Glens Falls Republican Tuesday July 1, 1884

A Tragedy in the Adirondacks

One of those tragedies that periodically take place in and furnish a seven days wonder for the Adirondack Region occurred at a point some dozen miles above North Creek in the Town of Minerva on Sunday night last week. Robert Lindsey a lawless character whose bad reputation is not confined to the neighborhood of his log hut home in the woods, but reaches to this village, while infuriated with rum beat his wife and followed her when she fled to the house of her father, Bell by name and there attacked its inmates. Charles Bell a young man of 20, brother of the woman, angered by the antics of Lindsey, and to protect his father and sister from his assaults aimed a gun at Lindsey and discharged its contents into his body, 28 shot piercing his bowels, Lindsey died the next day. At last accounts Bell had not been arrested, public opinion in Minerva being strong in his favor.

Notes from Annie:

Charles Bell, son of Hiram Bell and Sally Lanphear Bell, was born in March 1857 in Indian Lake. Hiram Bell was one of the original inhabitants of Indian Lake. Charles eventually married Ella Baker of Schroon Lake. They worked in the hotel in Indian Lake owned by Mr. Sault and they had one child, Leonard Charles, who was born on 23 May 1894 and died three days later.


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