Church History of
the Town of Morehouse

Excerpt from the Morehouse Historical Museum brochure
(published 1999)

          In 1845 there was no evidence of a church, but there were two clergymen being paid $220.00 in annual salary.  By 1855 there were two churches in the Town of Morehouse.  One was the Evangelical Lutheran with thirty communicants and an average attendance of twenty-eight.  The second church was the Roman Catholic Church, with property valued at $400.00 and a seating capacity of one hundred.

          In 1865 there was still two churches in the town.  The Union Congregational Church valued at $600.00 had a regular attendance of fifty.  The non-resident minister was paid fifty dollars a year.

          In 1866 the Roman Catholic Church was closed forever under the unhappiest of circumstances.

          In 1881, the Rev. Frederick Beebe was minister of the Protestant denomination of the town.  The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized on July 4, 1881.  The Rev. R. O. Beebe, pastor of the Ohio Charge, was the presiding Elder at the formation meeting.  F. H. Kassing was Trustee for two years and Augustus Hoffmeister, Trustee for three years.  The group took over the Community Church building and became the only active religious sect in the town.  It was told, in later years, that the church was closed, only to be reopened by Mildred Miller and Ruby Abbott.

          There were three cemeteries in town and in 1917 the first caretakers were appointed.  The caretakers appointed were Fred Remonda was appointed caretaker of the cemetery on Mountain Home Rd., Christian Erb was appointed to care for the Catholic Cemetery and James D. Brady was appointed to care for the Town Cemetery.  These appointments were recorded by the Town of Morehouseville Clerk, James D. Brady.

          There weren't many records to be found on the church over the past years.  In 1957 the Rev. Kenneth Lord of the Cold Brook parish was also in Morehouse.  Then in 1960, the Rev. Greenfield from Newport and Middleville parish was at Morehouse.  In 1972 Rev. Stanley Gleason.  In 1975 Rev. Doris Sperling and Ruth Perrone of the Cold Brook parish were here.  1980 saw Rev. Arthur Tefft take over responsibility and in 1985 he turned it over to Rev. William Stubba, again of the Cold Brook parish.  Finally, for lack of attendance, after over one hundred years of service our church was closed in the summer of 1989.

          Years ago the light fixtures were donated by Howard and Jenny Remonda Conkling.  He owned and operated the Excelsior School of Business in Utica, NY.  It is also reported that among many lay speakers and preachers George Remonda also preached at the church.

          Now, in 1999 our church has opened again, this time as a Museum of History for the Town of Morehouse.

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